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Can ordinary mobile phones connect to 5G networks?


Published by July 08,2020

Can ordinary mobile phones connect to 5G networks? Where are the priority coverage? The answer is coming


Recently, 5G mobile phones have been released intensively, and 5G related news has emerged in an endless stream, and netizens are dazzled. But can the current 5G network be used? Where can I use it and how? Many netizens are confused.


Many netizens are asking: How do I see media reports starting to use 5G networks?


It is understood that this situation is the use of some special equipment. For example, in the media work area of ​​the two sessions, journalists can use the 5G network and 5G+VR high-definition camera installed in the Great Hall of the People's Assembly Hall to watch the live broadcast of the experience minister through VR glasses.


And network coverage also requires operators to build. The CPPCC represents the Beijing Railway Building, and China Mobile said that it will complete the construction of two 5G microcellular base stations in the Beijing Railway Building within 36 hours.


Which applications have been launched?


In fact, the characteristics of 5G are far from being limited to the speed of the network, and the application is not limited to 5G mobile phones. Its application can cover almost every industry. At present, there are more applications of 5G+4K live broadcast.


China Unicom's relevant staff said that in fact, 5G mobile phones are only a terminal product of 5G, and the application of 5G networks is far from mobile phones.


At the 2019 Shandong 5G Industry Summit held recently, 21 sets of 5G application booths based on 17 scenes were displayed, which fully demonstrated the 5G 5G application directions such as 5G+ artificial intelligence, 5G+ robot, 5G+ virtual reality and 5G+ Internet of Things.