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Motorboat Introduction-Origin-Development


Published by April 14,2022

Motorboat is a sporting activity that drives a motor boat powered by gasoline engine, diesel engine or turbojet on the water. It originated in the late 19th century. The key to maneuvering the powerboat technology is to set sail, accelerate, go around, overtake and sprint.

Motorboats can be divided into racing boats (boats), sports boats (boats), yachts (boats), motor boats, jet skis, air cushion (boat) boats, jet (boat) boats, etc.

Motorboat started in some industrialized countries in Britain, Germany, and the United States. With the need for mankind to march into the ocean, the sport of motorboats has been increasingly developed, and the technical level is getting higher and higher. The technical achievements of athletes have contributed to the design of ships and the manufacturing of marine engines. In order to coordinate the friendly exchanges of motorboat lovers all over the world and to conduct world competitions, the International Motorboat Federation was established in Belgium in 1922, with 45 countries participating. The speed of the motorboat has increased rapidly. In 1980, the speed of the smallest outboard racing boat (OJ class) has reached 111.72 km/h. In 1978, Australian engineer K. Wobby drove an unlimited jet (engine) boat to create a speed record of 511.11 km/h. After Wolby, the famous American motorboat athlete L. Taylor designed and built a rocket-powered speedboat and performed in Tahoe Lake in the United States in 1980, with a speed of 563 km/h.

China launched the motorboat sport in July 1956. In the same year, it sent a team to participate in the first international nautical sports competition held in Giczko, Poland. 4th place in the ML 10km ring race team. In the second international nautical sports competition held in Bulgaria in 1957, the Chinese team won 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals. The first national motorboat competition was held in Wuhan in August 1958. National motorboat competitions and performances were held in 1959, 1963, 1964, 1975, 1979, and 1980, which enriched the cultural life of the masses and promoted the continuous improvement of sports technology.

The competition form of the motorboat is the ring racing of the closed field. The main technical keys are: sailing, acceleration, winding around, overtaking and sprinting. During the game, the motor roared, the spray splashed, the climaxes were repeated, and it was exciting.

my country is an official member of the International Motorboat Federation (Union International Molonautique for short). The International Monetary Federation has safety committees, technical committees, offshore committees, recreational navigation committees, sports committees, formula committees, formula one committees, jet ski committees and arbitration committees.

The FIA ​​hosts various levels of world championships, intercontinental championships and international grand prix every year.

Since the early 1980s, my country has sent teams to participate in the World Championships every year, and has won the world runner-up three times. In 2002, my country's Jiangxi player Peng Linwu won the world championship in the motorboat O-125 World Championship held in Finland in one fell swoop, realizing a zero breakthrough gold medal in my country's motorboat world championship.

The association also successfully hosted the World Formula One (F1) motorboat championship three times in 1995, 1996 and 1997, with millions of spectators.

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